GoldCrest Funding - Factoring - Invoice Discounting - Letters of Credit

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Is the sale of all of your open account terms customers at a discount. We will advance you, the pre-determined percentage, on all eligible invoices after you have shipped the merchandise or rendered the service in full. We will provide the ledgering and collection of the accounts receivable. We will also provide detailed reporting to you, including; accounts receivable agings, remittance details, monthly factoring statements, etc. In certain instances, we can provide the credit guarantee, thereby protecting your company from the financial inability to pay of the customer.

Invoice Discounting

You have the option to sell us only certain of your customers. This service allows you to sell your accounts to us as your cash flow needs change. This is a very advantageous program for young companies, seasonal business or companies experiencing rapid growth.

Letters of Credit

At GoldCrest Funding, we open Commercial Sight Letters of Credit only. As a privately held financial services company, we have the speed and flexibility to react to your specific transaction. We are an additional source of merchandise procurement, meant to supplement your existing credit relationship with your bank or finance company. We afford you the ability to bring in incremental merchandise and inventory in a fast and efficient manner allowing you to fulfill all of your purchase orders. We will facilitate the handling of your import documents in a very efficient and timely manner.

We have over 40 years of import experience. Our L/C’s are opened through major international banks, are accepted worldwide and have gained an acceptance among factories and suppliers abroad. We offer online, real time, web based systems that are connected to our opening banks for the highest level of quality service.

Purchase Order Financing

We can provide the entire financing for the cost of your merchandise in order to fulfill the orders you receive from credit worthy customers. Our Purchase Order Financing program will allow you to solicit larger sales opportunities without bringing in another equity partner.