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Simple and Quick Turnaround

Simple and Quick Turnaround

GoldCrest has Letter of Credit facilities with major international banks that provide fast online opening and negotiating of documents. Getting started is simple.

Simply contact us and we will send you an application package. It calls for some basic information about your company and its products.

After acceptance of your application, we will arrange with you for the issuance of a sight documentary letter of credit to your factory overseas through one of our banks. You will have the ability to review the L/C online before it is issued.

Once the L/C is issued, we monitor online, with you, partial shipments and presentations, as well as any other items including amendments, if necessary. We offer this service as an additional, no charge, benefit to you, for opening with us. At negotiation, we make sure to give you quick turnaround of the documents, once payment is received. We understand the timeliness of international trade and perform accordingly.

Try us. You won’t be disappointed.